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Dreaming BIG is this year's theme. Taking limits off God and ourselves. Love blessed!

Growing up we were always told that life is not a destination but a journey. This idea of seeing life as a journey teaches us to value the process, and to put trust in your steps. It also states to establish a sense of patience and peace within our lives. Looking at life as a journey forces you to think critically; sometimes leading people to unwanted pressure and causing a lot of people to become depressed or develop anxiety, which eventually leads to unwanted loads you are carrying around to please yourself and others. This pressure may be brought on by society's standard of success or the unrealistic view of life. I would like to help YOU take the load of this week. You cannot carry a Load that wasn't meant to be YOURS. STOP allowing these pressures to burden YOU and limit YOU! I would like to think that life is a journey to a destination. At every stage of life we are developing mentally, physically and spiritually. The path we take on this journey is first defined by our environment, parents, family, education, interests and hobbies. These factors all make up different stops along our journey to our ultimate destination . As we encounter these places, we will learn from the people there, we will learn their history, we will learn from their cultures. We choose what we take with us to the next place, whether it be good or bad. We choose how we allow these factors, situations and experiences to impact our journey.

On this journey in life, we may have some road blocks you have to go around or you may have some hurdles you have to climb over like I did Lupus. You may feel like you are running out of gas. Take some time to stop, rest and refuel. I have learned that the best action to take sometimes is doing nothing at all. This allows time for your mind and spirit to be refreshed. It allows time for you to check the direction you are going in order to avoid more set backs. You can only reach the destination once YOUR journey is complete! No rush! Trust God's timing.

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