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Your YOU Matters!

Everyone is trying to find a place to fit in, when I was born to stand out!

Every woman wants to be thick, when I’m just trying to live healthy!

Most dream of a life where they slay, but me? I dream of a life that saves!

Plastic Surgery, extensions, and make-up aren’t what makes a lady beautiful. It’s her heart and her mind. The way she loves and nurtures makes her beautiful. You see, every boy thinks it cool to be the man, but few understand why you are called to be the man. That man, that person, that woman, that YOU. Someone who is destined to be different and destined to MAKE his or her difference! You are destined to be true to who you are, NOT who they say they want you to be!

What good is it for you to be beautiful, but lack originality?

What good is it to have all the answers, but truly know nothing at all?

You see, for me beauty lies in the things unseen, those images you replay when you look in the mirror at yourself every day. Do you see hurt, pain, mistakes, and failure or do you see strength, love, hope, courage, intelligence, and beauty? You are different.

Genesis 1:27 reminds us that we all have been made in the image of God. This means as humans we should strive daily to look and act more like our Savior. This is a difference that will make what is common seem not so common, a difference that breaks every chain that's holding us back or holding some of us together.

Too long have we been tied to the images of this world. Images that make us regret how different we really are, distort our purpose, and distract us from God's plan. This is the true image we should look up to. Are you longing to become a woman of substance, dignity, and integrity? I dare you to be different, to let your true beauty shine.

Be like nothing you have ever seen before. When you wipe off the make up, know that is it for you. Why follow when you are supposed to be the lead? Having the courage to be different propels me through the darkest valleys! Being different will lift me over the highest mountain! Through this difference I have found my true Identity.... an Identity in Christ!

Everything is not for everybody but JESUS is!

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