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Live the Dream

Many people are broken. They come from broken homes and broken families, which have led to broken communities. In honor of Black History Month, I think it is essential to really know what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meant when he said he had a dream. It is so disheartening when speaking to the youth of this generation who believe that Dr. King’s speech was about ending slavery. Slavery was abolished by congress passing a bill in 1865, which became the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Dr. King’s speech was given almost 100 years later in 1963 during the March on Washington for jobs and freedom. It’s disheartening that many of our youth do not even know the true meaning of Dr. King’s dream. Many believe Dr. King came to end slavery and racism. I believe Dr. King came to end modern day slavery and racism. I believe he came to make peace, bring unity, and to let everyone know they have a right to be valued and respected by others no matter race, gender, or social economic status.

We all deserve to be treated equal. I believe Dr. King was an avid example of the golden rule. He always treated others how they deserved to be treated. He challenged us to serve others, thus service only comes out of a place of true love and understanding. On the Influential Woman Leader show this month, we discussed the idea that love can be more powerful than hate; I believe this wholeheartedly. When you love yourself, you also love our God and it makes it easy to love others. In the face of disappointment, rejection and hatred, we must still be spiritually mature enough to love and trust that God’s will be done. I know it’s easier said than done. In a world that promotes hate, for us to be game changers we must promote true love. Love that’s causing you to change, but also demands a change in those around you.

It’s easy to love the people who are your friends or who may be on your level, but what about loving your father who has never acted like a dad. Or loving the sister who hates on you out of jealousy and competition. What about loving the mother who chose a man over you. These people are also children of God and deserve His love too. I had to realize that the only Jesus some people will encounter is the one who lives in me, so I had to be willing to move outside of pride and anger to allow God’s love to be truly shown. This takes discipline. This takes love. So, for us to really live the dream we must be willing to show love and promote peace. We must serve others like their lives depend on it. John 15:12 reminds us, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” So, I challenge you this week to live the dream. Show more love and watch things change around you.

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