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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Reality

With all the natural disasters this month and all the devastation around us, it seems like it has made many people focus more on what they do not have instead of focusing on what they do have. So many people in Latin America, the Caribbean and even in southwest Florida has lost everything. Yes, many don't have power but there are a lot of people who don't have even have a home to return to. So many complain about having a job when there's people who are unemployed and will not have any job to go back to.

Change your perspective, change your reality. So many people are stuck in poverty, low self-esteem, and hate because they can't see themselves out of their despair. They can't see themselves changing, even if it just one step. So many people are hurting & suffering silently because they aren't willing to change their minds about themselves. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. Often times in life we think old thoughts, or we replay the lowlights of our life repeatedly and wonder why we battle with ourselves. Some women look in the mirror and don't think they are beautiful and wonder why they can't feel better. We must change our mindset and expectations if we want more out of our life. I believe we are limited in our mind by the imagination we cease to express. Most people cannot get healed because they cannot see themselves without the disease. So many people can't find a spouse because you don't believe you deserve love. I am a firm believer that our input will impact our output. Stop feeding yourselves negativity and wondering why you are sick or distracted. Change your environment. Upgrade your friends! Try something new.

While traveling on the plane to California last month with my daughter and husband, I was prompted with this thought: If the sky is our limit we can't be afraid to jump up and touch it. I challenge you this month to change your perspective on something and watch things shift for you. Have faith to believe in love, hope, healing, peace and watch things transform in your life. When you let go of fear, then you can truly change your dreams and accomplish your destiny.

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